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ILLMA GORE, girl with tattoos for Oddity Magazine

Illma Gore: Human Canvas

‘This is exactly what I want. I would never regret something that made me who I am, even if it’s not that me now.’

Illma Gore has created an identity for herself that to some is shockingly controversial, whilst to others, pleasantly eye-opening and refreshing in today’s conformist society.

‘The only thing that could save me was my art work’

With a passionate urge to create a piece of art that can never be re-created, owned or sold by anyone, Illma introduced The Human Canvas project. Using her own body as the foundation for this piece; the human body, undisputedly being as tangibly real as it gets, Illma is successfully creating an innovative original work of art.

‘You know that feeling when you’re driving on the highway and take a moment looking at all the cars passing by, and you wonder – where are they all going and what is their story?’

The ambition derives from creating a piece with the world we live in right now. A single work of art, made up of thousands of individual stories. This piece will organically develop as Illma grows old, her body and skin will naturally change and every word or illustration will transform accordingly. The beauty lays in how this story ends, how the body will age and eventually die, thus the art piece will seize to exist.

Through challenging the societal notions of beauty, this mind-boggling movement aims to represent the time we’re living in today, and point out the truths that we witness.

‘Instead of thinking outside of the box, crush the box. Take a knife to it, fuck that shit. It’s not about what you’re told to think, it’s about how to think. To see the cage is to be free of it.’

Words by Sahar Hariri 
Video by Amanda Mattsson 
Special thanks Sang Bleu London