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We constantly seek acceptable justifications in the name of beauty

We willingly place ourselves in the uncomfortable unknown

We allow our wild curiosity to scrutinize all possible alternatives

We are prepared to face pain

We are beautiful.


Beauty is pain sparks a wide range of thoughts- needles, blood, burns, and bruises. Is it really pain, or is it just the notion of these tools and methods being painful, when in reality, the so-called ‘pain’ is ultimately tranquilizing.

To what extent do we allow our curiosity and quest for excelling options lead us to trying face squirming and jaw-dropping methods for being more beautiful. Our view of beauty today is so wonderfully diverse that the most eccentric is acceptable. The question arises when we fall into accepting methods as they are developed into trends rather than relying on actual purpose and effectiveness.

Gazing back to the Elizabethan era, even then, the upper class would actively take steps towards beauty preservation and maintaining youthful skin. Untouched, white pure skin was a sign of wealth and thus drove women to the extremes of drawing their own blood to gain a faint look.

With technological advancement and more organic research methods, we have a sea of treatments to choose from today: scaling from laser-based processes to the use of raw bird excrement. Having investigated unconventional facial treatments around London, we can conclude that the term ‘pain’ is simply an automatic notion that sparks fear in our minds.

Facial Acupuncture

As offered at the WE Clinic London on Harley Street, the experience invited us into the sensation of having long fine sharp needles being poked into different acupuncture points on the face. The treatment is tailored depending on each individual’s skin condition, as different points of acupuncture are targeted accordingly. With tangible results, the skin instantly feels soft and looks plump. 

The experience was definitely scary at first. With a rush of thoughts as I closed my eyes and heard the words ‘relax’ – relaxed was the last sense I was feeling, despite the calming melody playing in the background of the treatment room. It was more the pre-meditated fear of assumed pain rather than the process actually causing me pain. Each needle that was inserted tickled just a little, but that was all I could feel. Lying there with these long sharp points on my face, I eventually felt a very relaxed, soothing sensation.  

The process essentially consists of inserting needles at different pressure points on the face, increasing collagen production and releasing endorphins, as well as improving blood and energy flow. This naturally stimulates cell re-growth, which results in an overall healthier skin complexion; enhanced skin color and texture. The boost of the skin’s supply of nutrients and oxygen consequently reduces wrinkles as the face muscles tighten, leaving the face rosier and clearer with a visibly radiant look. Facial acupuncture is a natural and holistic alternative for those seeking a more natural solution to the aging process, and an alternative to injecting substances in your skin. With a recommendation of approximately 12 treatment sessions for a longer lasting result, the treatment inevitably works differently depending on skin type and lifestyle, however it is a natural alternative open to all.  

HydraFacial & Oxygen Facial 

This multifunctional treatment offered at Karidis Clinic has a unique enticing and active process where you can constantly feel and see the changes your face is experiencing. With active ingredients to soften the skin and then exfoliate, the effects travel deep into the skin and are thus long lasting.  

Using bespoke designed application tips; the HydraFacial is a procedure combining cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection all in one treatment. It sounds almost unrealistic, but the step-by-step technique proved to be very thorough. 

Entering the treatment room, I was intrigued as to the tools that were going to be used. Even though there were no needles or sharp ends in sight, just  knowing that an application tip (which was completely unfamiliar to me), was going to be touching my face, made me feel a natural sense of nervousness. The process commenced and I was positively surprised as I could feel a tingling sensation that was actively working around my face. After a deep cleanse and application of a light glycolic solution, the vortex-fusion method takes place, where the vortex suction painlessly cleans out the pores, with an intense skin re-hydration and anti-oxidant protection. The final step of rejuvenating red light LED therapy stimulates the production of healthy new skin cells and collagen fibers, instantly creating tighter and brighter skin. We finished off with an extra pure oxygen release around the eye area, enhancing brightness. I sat up and could honestly say that I was glowing.  

The HydraFacial succeeded to show a fresh and luminous immediate visible effect, leaving the skin in a healthier state that lasts several days. For long lasting benefits, it is recommended to attend approximately six treatments in the span of one or two weeks between each, to regularly pump the skin with vitamins. Following that, monthly maintenance is sufficient to uphold the glossy, rejuvenated look.  

With a glowing face, make sure to keep your pearly whites in shape!

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By Josie Chan using DHC skincare & NIZZ cosmetics

Words By: Sahar Hariri

Photographer: Piers Vernon-Kell

Model: Grace @NEVS Models