BloomTwins discuss how to face challenges and grow from them


BloomTwins discuss how to face challenges and grow from them

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OddityTell us about your foundations, how did you get started in you field?

BloomTwins: We started to sing before we learned how to speak. Played instruments like they were our toys, so our parents decided to send us to music school. We got to know instruments such as flute, piano and our mom taught us everything about harmonizing.

We never thought of music to be our profession, we just loved doing it so much, but we are incredibly thankful to our managers for making our passion to be our job.

: What was your creative outlet before you started?

BloomTwins: We always loved dressing up. Anna was into a Punk movement, and I just loved anything different.

: Were you inspired by something/someone specific?

BloomTwins: We were inspired by one another, our musical family, and just songs we were listening to. Loved singing in the park, really didn’t care about people being there. 

: How did you take your first steps towards turning your passion into profit.

BloomTwins: We were lucky not to take our first steps, but having our great managers Lenka Chubuklieva and Juzzee to do it for us.

A mutual friend of ours took a picture of the two of us and posted it on Facebook, Lenka commented saying “these are really cute”, obviously that friend knew our love for music and he answered back saying: “they are actually into music themselves”. Had a meeting with our future managers, sang few songs and shortly after we were in London.

Oddity: Can you share some highlights from that journey to how you ended up where you are today? 

BloomTwins: I remember the first song we ever wrote together. It was written in London, when we just moved here. Funny enough it is one of our latest tunes that’s out, it is called ‘She’s not me’. It is a song that made us fall in love with digital and analog keyboards! 

Oddity: Can you share a specific challenge or failure you remember?

BloomTwins: The first challenge was us learning to speak English. To follow our dream we’ve moved from a small town in Ukraine to a capital of music - London. Speaking zero language we needed to start from somewhere. Practiced everything from “Hello we are Bloom Twins” to “Our next song is about my sister and me, and hopefully you will enjoy it”.

There was another moment of our lives that inspired us to work twice as hard. Our first improvising experience at Blues bar in London. It was one of our first performances and on top of that playing with other musicians on the same stage for the first time really made us sweat right there in front of all people shouting “that isn’t blues”, “kids...” etc.

The minute we walked out of that place, we knew we ain’t coming back there until we feel what blues is.

: Can you share one of your best moments in your career so far (and why) ? 

BloomTwins: Being on a tour with Duran Duran, Nile Rodgers and Seal. It is the highlight of our careers so far not only cause we got to play biggest Arenas of the U.K., Italy and Japan, but also because we didn’t feel compared but the same, like one big musical family, with cards and flowers before performances wishing us a good gig. Looking back we can’t believe how lucky we are to have so many things happening so early in our careers. 

: What is your strongest motivational force. 

BloomTwins: Our supporters. If not them we wouldn’t even make it as far as being here with you. They are our motivation to get better. We want to be our best us for them. Want to try to answer their questions in our songs, that are hard to articulate in daily conversations. Want them to be heard and answered to. 

: Has your relation and reaction to your own work changed in any way since you started making profit from your passion?

BloomTwins: I wouldn’t say making profit has changed how we react to our own work, but experience. Writing new songs from the very begging felt like testing the boundaries, and now we know they are no boundaries. We have learned to follow a feeling rather than following a pattern.

Oddity: What piece of advice would you give yourself 5 years ago?

BloomTwins: Stay you.

: How do you respond to criticism?

BloomTwins: Constructive criticism is better than compliments. It can turn you into a better you, it’s an advice that you should use in order to improve.

: Have you had any challenges balancing work / private life?

BloomTwins: Inspiration can not be planned, hence it is very difficult to stick to ‘from 8am to 5pm’ time frame for it, it takes your whole heart. It is very difficult to balance our private and work life, seems like they overlap instead.

: What is the most valuable lesson you wish to take with yourself in the rest of your creative journey?

BloomTwins: To keep believing, but also to be patient. Sometimes you just have to wait, a good bottle of wine tastes better with time.

: Do you have a favourite piece of creative work and why?

BloomTwins: Our favourite bit of creative process is being so different to one another. Having two opposites in one room to write something together is really an experiment every time.

: One key piece of advice you want to pass on to any aspiring creative?

BloomTwins: Find who you are, and let your dreams to make you feel a little crazy. Inspire yourself to inspire others. Let your passion make you forever young.


Special thanks to Fredrikson Stallard Studio and their team for providing their amazing studio facilities and Fredrikson Stallard for allowing us to use their amazing piece of art (Species |||) in combination with the BloomTwins. 



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