SAINT LAURENT - From self, personality, to Saint Laurent


SAINT LAURENT - From self, personality, to Saint Laurent

Self 02
Vanessa Beecroft 
Curated by Anthony Vaccarello

The intention of the project is to capture different aspects of the Saint Laurent personality, underlining the complexity of various individuals through the eyes of artists selected by Anthony Vaccarello. It represents the freedom of self-expression without censorship and conveys many different facets of the Saint Laurent attitude. Creative disciplines across art and fashion reinforce and fuel the concept of diversity, individuality, and self-confidence through a lens free from pretense and hypocrisy.

This project is an artistic commentary on society while emphasizing the core values of Saint Laurent. Self is formed by a heady mixture of attraction, ambivalence, and mystery generated by photographers, artists, and filmmakers who have come together to make a confrontational statement. Vanessa Beecroft, the second artist whom Saint Laurent worked with for this project, will be presented in Miami at Design District from 1st till 15th of December during Art Basel. The photo wall curated by Anthony Vaccarello will be presented at Museum Garage and Paradise Plaza.

Photography by #VanessaBeecroft captures the #SaintLaurent personality #YSL #SaintLaurent #YvesSaintLaurent @anthony Vaccarello

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