Alice Chater for ODDITY

Alice Chater for ODDITY

ODDITY meets Alice Chater

“Tonight” is now live! Tell us about this song, the creative process behind it and what this song means to you?

Tonight is one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written! It started off with me and martin jamming with this incredible musician who made his own instrument, a little like a harp but it took him 8 years to make! We started jamming all together and I started singing the chorus topline over it. We were talking about what we would do if it was the last day on earth, and how we would want to be with the people we love and do whatever the fuck we wanted!  

You grew up in a family with a strong artistic background and creative presence. Did this naturally lead you down the career path you’re in?

Yes definitely, a lot of my family were professional ballerinas, so I started dancing from a young age and my mum used to take me to singing lessons every week, and then I started to perform in shows in my local theatre. 

As a child you experimented with multiple forms of performing arts, do you feel a difference in creative release? Was there a point where you decided on a specific artistic direction for yourself?

I think I've always known in my heart what kind of artist I would be – inspired by triple threat performers. I like to challenge myself, if something takes a while to master then I’ll work hard to try to achieve it. I left home (Ramsgate) at 17 and lived in the YMCA in Barbican and worked as a hostess in clubs whilst doing editing jobs on my laptop for promo videos for European boy bands... so random I know! I believe in hard work and owning your destiny, so you get out what you put in!  

Tell us about young Alice at school - has there been a transformation in your character?

I mean I haven’t really changed too much, I'm still an absolute goofball! Maybe I've become cooler.. I'm not sure! haha! I used to get bullied for being a little different, I was either really shy in big groups or really loud- there was no in between for me.  I guess the difference is now I embrace my quirks and don’t worry about fitting in.

You have previously expressed the significance of Will.I.Am ‘discovering’ you as a singer, how did that opportunity affect your direction as an artist? 

Will.I.Am has an amazing eye for talent. We met at an event and he thought I had something special, without even hearing my voice! The next day I send him me singing on YouTube and he was blown away! It was so wonderful hearing him speak so highly about me and definitely gave me more confidence in the artist I am. He made me own my quirks and not to fear being different. My music doesn’t have to sound like the others, you just do music that you FEEL something from. 

What is the best advice you have ever received, professionally? 


Explain what being a triple-threat artist is and why this is so important to you and your career?

Being a triple threat artist to me is everything. I grew up watching the greats who were triple threats and they have inspired me to be an artist, I wouldn’t be true to myself if I wasn’t dancing and acting too. Its who I am.

What is the process of creation for you as an artist? From songwriting to execution?

It all starts with the chords and how they make you feel. From that feeling I then create a concept in my head, I visualise the music video, or the movie and I carry on writing from that concept in my mind. The songs are like movies to me, I am a massive fan of films so it comes across in my creative artistry my love for theatrics and film making. The execution part I really spend time on. I am a perfectionist so I will record my vocals until every word is perfect or a word may be a little pitchy or not perfect and THATS what makes it beautiful in the song. Delivery and feeling is everything for me. 

Do you have a specific source of inspiration for your song writing? 

Yes. One boy in particular. All of my songs are about this one person. It’s so complex, and so complicated, and I forever keep coming back to writing about this one person. And I love it. 

How would you define your ‘style’ as an artist? Is this something you wish to stick by or does it evolve with time?

I definitely think it evolves with time. It’s hard to define my style as I love experimenting  but I definitely am a little blonde pocket rocket. I love to sing, I love to belt and sing as high and low as possible as well as getting thrown upside down for those killer dance moves. Hilarious isn’t it lol! 

If you could collaborate with any artist (dead or alive) who would it be, and why?

Michael Jackson. He is the king, he mastered vocals, performance and dancing and acting. 

A specific favourite moment in your career to date? Why?

Supporting my other singing idol Celine Dion at Hyde park! And then meeting her, safe to say I was a mess and broke down crying when she held my hands! 

Tell us the story behind the spider references in your videos.

Baby a is the spider, the fierce Alice that jumps out on stage who is the CONFIDENT, the I DONT GIVE A FUCK side, where as the other side to me is shy and anxious and has lots of insecurities. 

Do you have a style icon / design inspiration?

I adore Madonna and her artistry and style over the years. I’m also obsessed with super model Elsa Hosk at the moment.  I love Alexander McQueen.

What advice would you give young girls who have similar career dreams?

To never give up even when they are rejected, I was rejected many times and told at my drama school that I never make my dreams a reality. Work in silence, and SHOW them what you can do and what you are made of.

Do you feel supported in your industry? Is there anything specific you feel needs change in the music industry?

Yes definitely, at the beginning of my career when I was unsigned working with male producers, it was a little difficult sometimes as they would make me feel uneasy and flirt with me because they knew I needed them for the tracks. It concerns me that this kind of misuse of position and power exists but I’m hopeful there are big changes happening through awareness. 

What has been your biggest obstacle to date?

There are so many artists out there that you can feel like a tiny dot in the world but the harder you work the more people you can reach. I was so overwhelmed when I sold out my first headline show and had people singing my songs back to me. It’s those moments that make it worth powering through.

What message do you want to express to your audience?

That I am vulnerable too, I am fragile, but at the same time I know how to be a fierce bitch and I would like to empower anyone who feels less than they are, because EVERYONE deserves to know their full potential and not let the insecurities get in the way.

What does Alice have lined up in the pipeline?

I have my first headline tour coming up in September which I’m beyond excited about, more collaborations and exciting shows & more NEW MUSIC. 

Production: ODDITY STUDIOS @odditystudios
Photographer: Charl Marais @charlmaraisphoto
Assistant: Lotti

MUA: Anna Inglis Hall @annainglishall_makeup
Hair Stylist: Chloe Elise @iamchloeelise

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