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ODD!TY Exclusive - Bbyekra

Odd!ty: What does self-expression mean to you? 

BbyekraI'm a visual person and love to wear my emotions. There are so many interesting people in this world, and it makes me happy to see that expressing who you are is becoming a good thing to do again!

Odd!ty: For our readers who have never heard of you, explain your fashion style in 5 words

Bbyekra: Comfy, cozy, color-coordinated, variated and fun. Color-coordinating will always be my favorite fashion tip because it looks so fresh and so clean with an all-white outfit for example.

Odd!ty: Were you inspired by something/someone specific?

Bbyekra: I inspire myself by looking back at what I wear and what I want to create and express. My mom just told me I've been like that my whole life. I've grown up around fashion so what I personally can provide is what I focus on.

Odd!ty: Do you have a favorite piece of creative work and why?

Bbyekra: I need fresh and new aesthetics around me all the time, so I have to change up what I wear often obviously. Lately, I've been LOVING mini purses, so I bought faux fur pipe cleaners and made a brown faux fur handle for my Louis  Vuitton clutch. I love to combine expensive and DIY.


Odd!ty: Describe one extravagance you have for which you will never apologize

Bbyekra: I'm in the process of getting my whole body tattoed. I have so much creative energy and patterns I want to combine with the human body.

Odd!ty: How do you respond to criticism about your lifestyle?

Bbyekra: I focus a lot on positive energy and being happy, so criticism hasn’t happened or affected me. People often project their own feelings. But I've never heard anything to my face.

Odd!ty: How did you take your first steps towards turning your passion into profit?

Bbyekra: I love to socialize so networking happens naturally. I became best friends with Jhan-Carlo Herrera Ferrando who started randomly at a large fashion house in Norway called House of Høyer. I went with him one day to visit the brand Sørli Walin because he started designing there, and I became their ambassador. That gave me jobs at fashion weeks, which I'll be attending a lot in 2019, so look out for me!

Odd!ty: How do you feel about social media as a tool for promoting yourself?

Bbyekra: It is absolutely amazing! I started on my own 1 year ago in December by posting outfits to use it as a social  CV if you want. High Snobiety reposted me which gave me a lot of exposure, and I realized I could turn my hobby into my job. We get to meet people around the world with the same passion 4 fashion as you, and I've met fabulous people ill be friends with forever.


Odd!ty: As mental health is an important subject matter what do you do to maintain yours?

Bbyekra: I never compare myself to anyone. It is so important! Always follow your own intuition and happiness as long as it doesn’t affect anyone else. I think body positivity is extremely important, but it shouldn’t be an excuse to stay unhealthy. Always try to be the best version of yourself, and be proud of it!  x

Odd!ty: What is a misconception other often have about you?

Bbyekra: Because of my resting bitch face, tattoos and eccentric style people can get scared of me and think I'm mean, but I'm really nice, I promise. People get new impressions of me after they hear me talk, lol.

Odd!ty: What should the readers know about you that I would never think to ask you?

Bbyekra: Despite my tattoos, I focus a lot on natural health and beauty. I shaved my head in 2014 for fun and to start over again because I used to bleach my hair and change colors all the time. No skin makeup, only coconut oil, and aloe vera gels.

Bbyekra: I took a pause from my bachelor in nutrition and medicine which learned me a lot about biochemistry. It was really interesting, but I wanted to pursue my fashion dream, which I am living now.

Odd!ty: What piece of advice would you give yourself 5 years ago?



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Artist: Bbyekra

Words by: Sam

Fashion: Browns Clothing

Gucci ribbed wool hat

Aquazzura Sainthonore 105


Helmut Lang high waisted 

Pink Gucci fur

Blue Halpern Bustier

Cult Gaia

Fendi skirt

Rejina Pyo turtle neck

Rick Owens Sisyphus

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